Fleet Repair & Service

Fleet Repair & Service

In Murray, Utah and the surrounding area, you won’t find a better place for fleet repair than Turn Key Truck & Auto. It’s hard to succeed in business: you have to deal with many expenses before you can turn a profit. There’s the cost of advertising, office space, utilities, wages, benefits, and more. Trucking companies, food delivery services, and other businesses that send employees out to meet with customers have it even harder because in addition to those expenses, you also need to pay for gas, insurance, and vehicle maintenance.

If you manage a fleet, we’ve got you covered. When something goes wrong with one of your vehicles, we’ll quickly fix it up to get it back on the road and earning income for you. We also provide preventative maintenance services that will often eliminate the need to take your cars off the road in the first place. Our expertise will allow you to make as much money with your fleet as possible.

Located in Murray, Utah, our fleet repair services include:

UD Truck Repair

Turn Key Truck & Auto is Utah’s only center with official diagnostic capabilities. We service all areas of UD truck service and repair including: General maintenance, Brakes, Engine rebuild, Transmission, Electrical, Air Conditioning/Heating, Suspension, Tune-Up.


Fleet vehicles usually operate for eight or more hours per day, which wears down wheels fast. Your bearings, hubs, seals, studs, and nuts can become damaged during all that driving. Our experts will make sure your wheels can safely support the weight of your vehicles.

Brake Repair

Again, it’s important to remember that fleet vehicles see more wear and tear than the average car. Imagine how many times your drivers use their brakes throughout the day. Now imagine how many times they use their brakes over the course of a week, a month, or a year. Faulty brakes can lead to a collision, which could seriously injure your employee and cost you a fortune in worker’s comp, insurance hikes, and legal fees. We have decades of experience repairing both hydraulic brake systems and compressed air brake systems. Get your brakes serviced before it’s too late.

DPF Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s DPF is necessary for proper emissiobns. Especially in Utah where we have strict laws to cut back on pollution. Fortunately, Turn Key Truck & Auto has master technicians who can perform DPF services wherever it’s most convenient for you. We have the tools in shop and others that we can take with us to remotely service your vehicle. Learn more about our Diesel Particulate Filter services.

Drivetrain Repair

“You need a new transmission” is one of the last things people want to hear at a repair shop. If you’re having problems with your transmission or any other part of your drivetrain, we’ll give you an honest assessment of what needs to be done. And if a replacement is necessary, we’ll get you a great price.

Engine Repair

The engine is the most important part of a car, of course. It’s also the most complicated part. When something’s wrong, figuring out what causing the problem can be difficult. But with our factory-level diagnostic equipment, we can quickly find and fix any issue. Inspections The Department of Transportation requires commercial motor vehicles that weigh over 10,000 pounds to be inspected annually by a licensed auto repair shop. Turn Key Truck & Auto is certified to perform these inspections. We’ll help you keep everything above board.

Full Automotive & Truck Service & Maintenance

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