Fleet Services

Our Fleet Services

Turn Key Truck & Auto in Murray, UT 84107 is a full-service fleet preventative maintenance and fleet repair center.  Turn Key Truck & Auto is also the only UD truck repair facility in Utah with UD dealership diagnostics software capabilities and parts.  We provide comprehensive services for your domestic or import vehicle to keep it running at full power. For questions, contact us at (801) 261-8034 or send us an email. Our experts will help determine what needs to be done. Our basic maintenance services include:

Oil, Lube, and Filter

Engine oil, or motor oil, lubricates the various parts of your truck’s internal combustion engine. The oil reduces wear, lessens friction, cools the engine parts, and inhibits corrosion. One of the cheapest and most effective ways to prolong the life of your truck’s engine is to have its oil and oil filters changed regularly. Oil changes keep engines healthy. With regular oil changes, your engine will run stronger for longer. Contact Turn Truck & Auto in Murray, UT 84107 today for all your oil change needs. Our experts will change your truck’s oil and oil filters if needed.

Customer Required Inspections

In addition to DOT inspections, Turn Key Truck & Auto handles customer-required inspections. For all your customer-required inspection needs, contact or visit Turn Key Truck & Auto in Murray, UT 84107.

DOT Inspections

State Department of Transportation’s (DOT) require inspections for safety assessments. The Department of Transportation relies on appointed and licensed auto repair shops to conduct vehicle-only inspections. Turn Key Auto Repair Service is certified to conduct these inspections. For your DOT inspection needs, CONTACT us at (801) 261-8034 or visit Turn Key Auto Repair Service today.

Fleet Repair

  • Fleet Engine Repair
  • Brakes
  • Transmission
  • Maintenance
  • General Repair

Fleet Suspension Work

Ensuring your suspension is up to par is an important component of a well-maintained vehicle. However, you shouldn’t trust your suspension work to just anyone! Turn Key Truck & Auto offers affordable services that are hassle-free and reliable every time. Contact us at (801) 261-8034 or send us an email for more details!

Our suspension services include:

Air Spring

Air suspension replaces conventional steel springs in heavy vehicle applications such as buses and trucks. It is broadly used on semi-trailers. The purpose of air suspension is to provide a smooth, constant ride quality. Modern electronically controlled systems almost always feature self-leveling as well as raising and lowering functions. Although traditionally called air bags or air bellows, the correct term is air spring (although these terms are also used to describe just the rubber bellows element with its end plates). Trust the experts at Turn Key Truck & Auto when your truck’s airbag suspension needs service, repair, or replacement. Call us at (801) 261-8034 to schedule an appointment.


Suspension equalizers are an effective aftermarket innovation for rear leaf suspensions. The equalizers aid in the carrying ability of your truck. Equalizers have the following advantages: fuel economy, increased safety, increased power, reduced tire wear, improved steering, and improved braking.

Most equalizer kits include U-bolts, Equalizer Bars, Shackle Plates, Greasable Bolts, Rollers, Spring Washers, Washers, U-bolt Plates, and Nylon Locking Nuts. For all your suspension equalizer needs, visit or call Turn Key Auto Repair Service in Murray, UT 84107 today.


Hangers are an effective way to enhance your truck’s driving stability, handling, and suspension response. They lower your truck’s center of gravity, protecting it from rollovers in turns and corners and help you modify your truck’s ground clearance. Whether you want to lower or raise your truck using hangers, call (801) 261-8034 or visit Turn Key Auto Repair Service today.


Shock absorbers are mechanical devices designed to smooth out shock impulses, thus reducing the effects of traveling over rough roads. Shocks convert kinetic energy that is formed when a vehicle travels over rough ground into another form of energy.

With shocks, you will be able to take your truck to places you never thought possible. Shocks work together with springs (they damp spring oscillations) to give your truck the best overall performance and the ability to carry the maximum load. For all your shock servicing, shock repairs and shock replacement needs, call or visit Turn Key Auto Repair Service today.

Torque Arms & Walking Beams

A torque arm is a metal arm attached between a drive axle and the vehicle’s frame. Torque arms prevent axle rotation in hub motors. It prevents the wheels from trying to rotate the axle relative to the vehicle’s frame under acceleration (or in the opposite direction during braking).

A walking beam is an oscillating lever that pivots on a central axis and uses internal cam technology to transmit linear stroke in two directions (produces a reciprocating or reversible motion).

For all your torque arm and walking beam servicing needs, visit Turn Key Truck & Auto in Murray, UT 84107.