Truck & Auto Repairs Near Salt Lake City, Utah

Fleet, UD Truck, & Car Repairs Near Salt Lake City, Utah

Turn Key Truck and Auto Repairs of Salt Lake City has the experience and technical know-how to keep your vehicle at top performance.  Scheduled maintenance reviews are done quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to the things that matter to you most.  And no more haggling with mechanics over the price of parts and labor, at Turn Key you can rest assured that any repair needs are done by a qualified technician that gets the job done right the first time.

General Auto Repair near Salt Lake City, UT

Turn Key Truck & Auto can handle all of your general auto repairs and service needs.  If that check engine light happens to come on, stop in for a diagnostic test.  Our service techs will be able to accurately tell you if there is an ignition, fuel-injection or carbon build up.  We can asses how urgent the repair is and what the costs may be of waiting.

Tires and wheels are never something to take a risk with.  Rotate tires and check the alignment every 6-8,000 miles.  Furthermore, assess tire tread and damages during routine checks as well.

Whether the problem is with the onboard electronic or fuses, the braking system, or overall physical damage to the exterior of the vehicle due to collision our technicians will get the job done.  Our priority is getting you back on the road.

Fleet Repair / UD Truck Repair 

auto repairs

We understand the demands of commercials vehicles and work with numerous companies to keep their fleets well maintained and on the road longer.  In the event of an accident or an eventual part failure technicians quickly assess the problem and get the vehicle running safely and efficiently.  We also work with companies on employing preventative maintenance so that technicians can replace the parts before a breakdown and can better anticipate when this may occur.  In the long run this, of course, saves you time and money. We look forward to being a partner for your fleet business. Our technicians can handle all your vehicle maintenance needs.

Trailer Repairs

Trailer repairs require a specific set of tools and experience that not all auto body shops have.  At Turn Key, our auto repair shop near Salt Lake City has the facility to deal not only with day-to-day auto repair work but large commercial vehicles as well.  Often times we have rigs on the lot with landing gear issues, both standard and hydraulic, and problems related to rolling doors and flooring.  Our collective experience in fixing trailer-specific issues sets us apart.  Our technicians perform these jobs quickly and efficiently because we know your time is money.

With more complex issues related to engine failure, suspension systems or braking we put a high level of detail and effort into assessing and resolving the issue.  Typically, if we do not have the parts on site, we can rush deliver them to our auto repair shop near Salt Lake City, UT.  We make safety a priority and go through all necessary checks to ensure your trailer is road-worthy.